Ratan Vertical Garden 300




The Vertical Garden by Outland Living is the ideal freestanding garden planter, creating 12 lineal feet of gardening space within 6 square feet of any indoor/outdoor space. Easily establish your flourishing garden of tasty vegetable favourites, fresh herbs, blossoming flowers, exotic succulents and many more!

Each 27” 28L garden bin contains a water reservoir with cascading water drainage from top bin through to the drainage hole on the bottom bin. Safely grow your organic garden each season with certified food safe grade plastic bins and enjoy the break from traditional backbreaking gardens with an elevated garden.

Maintenance free and weather resistant, the Vertical Garden is the perfect space saving convenience and is ideal for decks, patios, small backyards, balconies, and even indoors. The stylish curvature of the durable frame creates a unique living wall; create cozy separate outdoor spaces to enjoy any outdoor living space with the Vertical Garden by Outland Living.